Rose Distillery Lema

About Lema, Bulgaria

For over 40 years, Lema has been dedicated to the production of ethereal oils such as rose oil. At Lema we pride ourselves on the quality of the oils we produce which we can attribute to our many years of experience. The quality of our products is also due to the location in which our roses are grown. Our roses are grown in Kazanlak, Bulgaria in the heart of the Rose Valley. This area harbors the ideal soil, climate, air and water for optimal growth of oil bearing roses and production of Bulgarian rose oil (otto).

At Lema, we have our own plantations and production facilities. Our distillery and rose plantation is located in the southern industrial zone of Kazanlak. At the Lema distillery we mainly produce rose oil (otto) and rose water. We also produce different types of perfume essences, embroidered traditional cloths, and many other souvenirs related to the Bulgarian rose and Bulgarian tradition.

Our products are very popular in Bulgaria and can be found in almost every souvenir store across Bulgaria. At Lema we also export rose oil, lavender oil, and rose water and other products to Europe, Asia and America.